Given a selected attachment, paints the attachment weight map on the source that falls-off smoothly between the prescribed min and max distance from the target.:

zPaintAttachmentsByProximity -h;
       // Result: Flags:
       zPaintAttachmentsByProximity ...
       -h   -help                           <n/a>          this message
       -min   -minThreshold                 <float>        Is used to set the minimum distance for proximity detection.
       -max   -maxThreshold                 <float>        Is used to set the maximum distance for proximity detection.

       Select the atachment whose weights you would like to compute and execute:
       zPaintAttachmentsByProximity -min 0.5 -max 2.0;
       If the "-min" flag isn't used; a value of 0.5 is used as the default.
       If the "-max" flag isn't used; a value of 2.0 is used as the default //