This node specifies cloth-specific attributes.

Attribute Meaning
enable When disabled, removes this cloth and affiliated attachments from the solve.
materialType The cloth uses a proprietary Ziva cloth model.
bendRestAngle Controls whether the neutral angle for the bending is the angle in the input mesh, or the zero angle.
restScaleEnvelope Modulates the effect of zMaterial.restScale. When envelope is zero, restScale has no effect. When restScaleEnvelope is negative, the effect inverts - causing objects to grow instead of shrink, or vice versa. This attribute is keyable, unlike zMaterial.restScale.
pressureEnvelope Multiplies the pressure force from zMaterial.pressure. This attribute is keyable, unlike zMaterial.pressure.
surfaceTensionEnvelope Multiplies the surface tension force from zMaterial.surfaceTension. This attribute is keyable, unlike zMaterial.surfaceTension.
inertialDamping Inertial damping is a non-physical effect useful to enhance stability or handle non-physical inputs. Inertial damping prevents issues from ‘feeling’ inertia due to large-scale motions. Small-scale deformations still have all of their inertia, so elastic waves travel through objects normally. Using this, cloth can be subjected to extreme acceleration without tearing themselves apart. This is very different from the mass and stiffness damping available on the zSolver node.
collisions Enables collision detection and response with this cloth.
selfCollisions Enables self-collision detection and response.
hardContact [Deprecated in v1.5. Continues to work, but hidden from the Maya UI. May be removed in a future version. New designs should use the default (isHard=off).] When enabled, uses implicit hard contact forces - this is more numerically stable but comes at the cost of generating a larger system matrix to solve.
contactStiffness The stiffness of “softContact” springs.
contactStiffnessExp The power to which the value of the “contactStiffness” is raised.
contactSliding When enabled, contacts are resolved with the freedom to slide tangentially.
fields Maya fields that affect this cloth (for external forces).

Same comments on the interaction among multiple bodies apply as with the zTissue node.