Creates a triangle mesh from a provided input mesh. The triangles will be of approximately equal size. They are generated using Delaunay meshing from a level set of the input mesh. As such, they can easily be offset to grow/shrink the mesh.

When performing Delaunay Tetrahedralization, the quality of the tets is generally improved by first re-meshing the input mesh with the zIsoMesh node.

Attribute Meaning
recompute When set to “off”, this node will not update even when its inputs have changed.
inputGeometry If the input geometry is a watertight, choose “Manifold” to use a faster and more accurate algorithm. Otherwise, use “Polygon Soup”.
isosurfaceValue Distance from the limit surface measured in grid space where the triangle mesh will be created (the default measures where the signed distance value is 0.1).
triangleSize Adjusts the resolution of the mesh by changing the average triangle size. This number is transformation invariant.
resolution The X, Y and Z resolution of the level set.
precision This node has a “double” precision implementation that is fast but sometimes fails. It also have an “exact” precision implementation that takes twice as long, but is more robust.
produceManifoldMesh Can be switched off in the event that the mesh creation fails. This will allow an artist to manually fix the remaining problems on the resulting mesh.
limitMaxIterations A boolean that tells the algorithm to only iterate to the “maxIterations” defined in the attribute of the same name.
maxIterations The number of iterations to stop at.
limitMaxTime Enable/disable stopping the algorithm when the “maxTimeSeconds” is reached.
maxTimeSeconds Set the maxTimeSeconds threshold.