A deformer for riveting curve CVs to bone meshes.

Use this to drive zLineOfAction curves. Some built-in Maya techniques for doing this create cycles in the Dependency Graph, which can make simulation results incorrect. This node and its command should not introduce cycles. Furthermore, having this node as a standardized approach for driving zLineOfAction curves simplifies scripting and improves script portability.

This node can only be created with the zRivetToBone command. That command intializes the internal hidden information to control the bind. To modify the rivet node in any way, delete the node and create a new one.




Interpolates between no effect (0) and the riveted positions (1).


List of which CVs on the curve the rivet is affecting. This list cannot be modified. It is set at bind time.


The (bone) mesh that’s driving the deformation.


A list of points. Each consecutive pair of points forms a segment between a riveted CV and the anchor point on the mesh that is is riveted to. This is here for visualization purposes.