This is the parent transform for the zSolver node. The zSolverTransform’s default name is actually “zSolver”, while the zSolver node is named “zSolverShape” - this is to follow Maya naming conventions. This transform acts as the world coordinate frame for the solver. In other words, all physics will happen with respect to the frame of reference of the solver transform. For example, if the zSolverTransform node is scaled up, it has the effect of shrinking the material scale of the simulated tissues. Note: such scaling should be applied statically at the start frame at the beginning of the simulation. The tissue motions are controlled by the solver, so animating the zSolverTransform will move the tissues (but not the bones) along with it. Therefore, animating the zSolverTransform and all bones together in sync will move the entire creature in Maya world space, but will not introduce any momentum or inertial effects.




Turns the solver on or off.


Defines the start frame for the simulation.