Release Notes


  • Fix for Copy/Paste transfer menu items.

  • Now able to deepcopy a builder object

  • Rename to

  • Adding support for zRestShape (retrieving, building, serialize, deserialize, Scene Panel)

  • Improvements to serialization and deserialization

  • Support for multiple curves for zLineOfAction

  • Storing mObjectHandle instead of mObject for robustness

  • Adding zRivet and repective curves to Scene Panel

  • Fix for zCloth objects not mirroring

  • Storing intermediate shape of mesh

  • Fix for zTissue attributes not updating in some edge cases

  • Genreal bug fixes and cleanup


  • clamping values when interpolating maps

  • fix mirroring rivet issue

  • bug fixes


  • Adding unit tests (CMT tools)

  • Adding support for zRivetToBone

  • Added ability to use groups in regular expressions

  • multi select items in maya scene through Scene Panel

  • various bug fixes


  • Support for Maya fields

  • Support for zFieldAdaptor node

  • UI overhaul (Launch from Ziva menu)

  • various bug fixes


  • QT tree view for builder data

  • bug fixes


  • zUI support on maya 2017 and 2018

  • bug fixes


  • major refactor

  • file backwards compatibility

  • support for multiple solvers

  • easier to extend


  • zBuilder support for sub-tissues

  • mirroring of geo before application (experimental)

  • zLineOfAction functionality added to retrieve_from_scene_selecton

  • general bug fixes


  • Restructure of class hierarchy

  • packages can extend themselves

  • bug fixes


  • Material, Fiber and Attachment creation now more robust. No longer name cascading problems.

  • lineOfAction node added


  • removed abstract methods from NodeCollection

  • depractated set_attrs and set_weights in favor of using a MayaMixin class

  • storing mObjects internally during node creation to get around maya renaming

  • zMaya.rename_ziva_nodes() handles zBones and zCloth


  • save out component data and node data seperatly

  • changed to

  • fixed bug in cloth creation

  • changed node_filter to name_filter. Better representation on what it is.


  • changed order of cloth application when applying


  • retrieving from scene in ZivaSetup now works by passing nodes or not. Default behavior is unchanged.

  • restoring user selection when using methods.

  • added support for cloth