Ziva Puppets

Ziva is currently developing a framework for creating and deploying faster animation puppets. Our Puppets technology will enable you to construct character rigs that are flexible and will evaluate quickly, even inside your favorite DCC.

Lila the Cheetah

Cheetahs Unlimited

This release contains an example cheetah puppet that has been built with our new proprietary Zoa framework. We provide a plugin for Autodesk Maya, as well as a Maya scene file with no restrictions on usage. We’d love to see what you can create with our cheetah!

What to Expect

This documentation should answer your questions and ease the learning curve of animating our example puppet. Our cheetah has all the standard Maya transforms/curves you would normally expect from a Maya puppet, but all the calculations/deformations are handled by Ziva’s Zoa technology. This allows you to use all your favorite animation tools within Maya, but with much faster rig performance.


Ziva Puppets are implemented using CUDA for GPU acceleration. This means that you must have an NVIDIA GPU with latest drivers installed in order to run the demo!


This Cheetah Demo is implemented to work in Maya’s Viewport 2.0 with OpenGL. DirectX and legacy viewports are not supported.

The Cheetah mesh in the demo is a deliberately high-resolution mesh with approximately 650,000 vertices. This is significantly more resolution than is actually needed for this specific puppet, and performance gains can be had by reducing the vertex count. However, we wanted to demonstrate a puppet that is more representative of the workloads seen in professional VFX work.


If you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms, please tell us! We would love to hear your thoughts. This is Beta software, and we want to know what changes we can make in order to best help you achieve your character creation goals!

Please feel free to send any and all feedback to:

  • The Ziva Team