Maya File Referencing

ZivaVFX v1.9 added support for Maya file referencing. Users can now create ZivaVFX simulation bodies on referenced scene objects. Here are some common workflows:

  • Apply ZivaVFX components to referenced Maya meshes. For example, create zTissues from referenced meshes.

  • Apply ZivaVFX components to referenced ZivaVFX setups. For example, create zAttachments between referenced zTissues and zBones, build a zRestshape on a referenced zTissue.

A small difference between referenced and normal scene objects is that ZivaVFX does not lock the transform attributes of referenced objects. This is due to limitations in Maya that can cause problems when referenced objects have locked attributes. It is up to the user to make sure that they don’t accidentally move the transform of referenced geometry after it has been converted into a Ziva Tissue or Cloth.


Due to the fact that referenced scene objects are immutable to change, there are some limitations when working with them:

  • Removing referenced ZivaVFX simulation bodies does not work. Instead, use the “Disable” attribute to achieve the same effect.

  • Unloading, or replacing referenced objects, or switching to a proxy object will make the simulation report an error. As these operations make referenced objects inaccessible, ZivaVFX will show a warning message in these situations.

  • Harmonic Warp can’t be applied on a referenced joint by default because it needs to unlock the transform attribute. To make it work correctly with a referenced scene, make sure you check the following option:


    You can access it through WindowsSettings/PreferencesPreferences menu. In the popup dialog, find this option in the SettingsFile References section.