Will modify the simulation cache associated with the given zSolver node.

zCache [flags] [<zSolver> | <zBody>]
 -h   -help       <n/a>       Print this help message.
 -c   -clear      <n/a>       Clears the simulation cache.
 -s   -save       <filename>  Saves the simulation cache to the given file.
 -l   -load       <filename>  Loads the simulation cache from the given file.
 -ts  -timeStart  <float>     Start frame of cache modification (default: -infinity)
 -te  -timeEnd    <float>     End frame of cache modification (default: infinity)

This command is used to modify the simulation cache associated with a given zSolver.

You can select or specify by name the specific zSolver whose cache is modified.
Alternatively, you can specify the zSolver whose cache is modified by selecting a body associated with the desired zSolver.
If no solver is specified, the default one in the scene will be used.

The zSolver must already have a zCache node created for it.
Use `ziva -addCacheNode` if the zCache hasn't already been created.

Example: `zCache -clear -timeStart 0 -timeEnd 200` clears the cache for frames 0-200.
Example: `zCache -save myCache.zCache` saves the full cache to the file 'myCache.zCache'.
Example: `zCache -load myCache.zCache zSolver1` loads the cache stored in the file 'myCache.zCache' into zSolver1.