Constructs a zDelaunayTetMesh from the given mesh(es).

This command creates a Delaunay tet mesh from the selected Maya mesh(es), by adding a zDelaunayTet node to the selected Maya mesh(es).

zDelaunayTetMesh [flags] [<mesh>...]

  -h     -help                         <n/a>       this message
  -dtq   -delaunayTetQuality           <float>     set the quality (default: 0.8) (must be between 0 and 1)
  -dtt   -delaunayTetLimitMaxTime      <bool>      whether to limit the maximum running time (default: true)
  -dtT   -delaunayTetMaxTime           <float>     maximum running time (in seconds) (default: 60)

Usage example:
Select a Maya mesh and then execute:

This command is best run on a surface generated using the zIsoTetMesher.

The command will return the name of the created node(s).