This command inspects meshes for problems. It is available under the “Ziva Tools” menu as “Run Mesh Analysis”, which will run all available checks. Running the command from mel, one can specify which problems to look for.

This command does not require a license to run.

zMeshCheck [flags] [meshes]
-h           -help                      return this message
-sel         -select                    selects problem areas, in addition to returning them
-iso         -isolatedVertices          find vertices that aren't part of any face
-v           -nonFiniteVertices         find vertices with NaN or Inf coordinates
-vb          -badVertexCoordinates      find vertices with NaN, Inf, or suspiciously large coordinates
-b           -boundaryEdges             find vertices on the mesh boundary
-me          -nonmanifoldEdges          find non-manifold edges - those with more than two adjacent faces
-mv          -nonmanifoldVertices       find non-manifold vertices - those with more than one adjacent component
-st          -smallTriangles            find very small triangles
-sa          -smallTriangleAngles       find triangles with very small angles (near zero degrees)
-la          -largeTriangleAngles       find triangles with very large angles (near 180 degrees)
-oe          -unorientedEdges           find edges between inconsistently oriented triangles
-dd          -degenerateDihedrals       find edges between triangles that are folded over so that they are intersecting each other
-vol         -negativeVolume            find meshes with non-positive volume, assuming the mesh is closed and manifold

Checks meshes for potential problems.

Specify one or more meshes by name or selection.
Specify one or more flags to control which checks are run.
If no flags are specified, all checks are run.

This command will print a message describing problems found with those meshes,
and return a list of all of the problem components found.
The command signals failure if any mesh fails any check.