Create a zRBFWarp deformer to warp mesh(es) using a radial basis function (RBF) deformation field defined by “source cage” and “target cage” meshes.

For more details, see RBF Warp.

zRBFWarp [flags] [<source_cage> <target_cage> <shape(es)_to_warp>]
  -h  -help               <n/a>  This message.
  -k  -maxKernelCenters   <int>  Set the maximum number of kernel centers.

The "source cage" and "target cage" meshes must have the same number of vertices.
The vertices of the "source cage" and "target cage" meshes must
be in 1:1 correspondence and in the same order. The shapes to be warped can be
meshes, NURBS surfaces or NURBS curves.

The command automatically computes suitable kernel centers on the source cage.
The RBF deformation field is computed so that each kernel center maps onto the
corresponding location on the target cage. There is no requirement that the warped
shapes be inside the source cage, or that the cage meshes be closed. The cage should
typically have lower resolution (and different topology) than the warped shape.

Select/specify the following objects, in this order:
(1) The "source cage" mesh
(2) The "target cage" mesh
(3) The shape(s) to be deformed by the RBF warp.

Running zRBFWarp with these objects selected will create a zRBFWarp deformer node that deforms the shape(s).