This is a warp deformer that uses Radial Basis Functions (RBF). Compared to the harmonic warp, it does not explicitly maximize warp smoothness; however, it can warp geometry located outside of the creature. It can be used, for example, to warp geometry that is located externally of the creature’s skin, such as hair or eyebrows. This deformer can warp Maya meshes, NURBS surfaces and NURBS curves.

For more details, see RBF Warp.

This node can be created with the zRBFWarp command.




Interpolates between no effect (0) and full effect (1). Note that the standard deformer weights can be painted and they multiply the envelope.


When on, the node automatically recomputes whenever an input changes. When off, the node does not recompute. Useful if you need to adjust a few parameters and you don’t want the node to recompute after each individual change.


Set the maximum number of RBF kernel centers. Higher values make the warp more precise at the cost of more computation.


Turns the display of the RBF kernel centers on/off.