Release Notes

Version 1.0 hotfix 2

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crashes or incorrect behaviour when tissue tets are larger than 1 meter across.
  • Fix incorrect spurious attachment of cloth vertices to other nearby parts of the same cloth.

Version 1.0


  • Add zLineOfAction to enable semi-automatic muscle fiber excitation.
  • SubTissues - for volumetric material authoring.
  • Add zPolyCombine - a fast poly combine node. We use this internally because the Maya polyCombine is much too slow.
  • Empty Cavities mode on zTet mesh allows users to create internal cavities in tet mesh. For example, when meshing a fat layer over the entire body, this mode will not fill the rest of the body cavity with material.
  • Increased accuracy of tissue mass and stiffness for tets partially outside the tissue surface. Depending on resolution, this can reduce object mass and jiggle relative to previous versions.
  • Cloth - our cloth material model is no longer experimental. It is significantly more stable than past releases. It’s not a general cloth solution yet, but it is good for simulating fascia and skin.
  • Muscle Excitation is now visualized with a fiber color change.
  • Automatic fiber endpoint selection when adding a fiber node. Manual painting is still recommended, but it will paint a default automatically.
  • Logging improvements. All logging has controllable verbosity. All logging goes to the script editor and a log file.
  • Lots of performance improvements, affecting:
    • Simulation caching
    • Collision detection and response
    • Attachment updates
    • Attachment creation
    • Material interpolation
    • zEmbedder

Bug Fixes

  • Fix memory leak affecting cloth, volume conservation, inertial damping, and hard attachments/contacts.
  • Fix out-of-bounds memory access during tetrahedralization.
  • Ziva Menus no longer attempting to load in Batch mode.
  • zBones no longer draw when disabled.
  • Fix random crash on Linux.

Node Changes

Node Change Purpose
Add zLineOfAction Automatic muscle fiber excitation
Add zPolyCombine Fast alternative to Maya’s polyCombine

Attribute Changes

Node Attribute Change Purpose
zTissue Add iParentTissue and oChildTissue To support subtissues.
zTissue Add serializedCache To support fast re-opening of scenes. Internal use only.
zTet Change fillInterior from bool to enum. To support a new option ‘Empty Cavities’. See Tetrahedal Meshes
zTet Remove tetsUpperBound. Add maxResolution. Same purpose, but the new parameter is easier to explain and understand.
zEmbedder Remove iSolverParams No longer needed.
zCloth Remove collisionVolume This never worked anyway.
zIsoMesh Add inputGeometry To allow a faster and more accurate algorithm on watertight input meshes.

Command Changes

Command Purpose
Add ziva -addSubtissue To support subtissues
Add ziva -removeSubtissue To support subtissues
Add ziva -lineOfAction To enable automatic muscle excitation.
Add zLineOfActionUtil To help make rigs for automatic muscle excitation.
Add zPolyCombine To create the new zPolyCombine node.