Products and Licensing


ZivaRT is distributed in a “” file which contains the following products:

Ziva Real Time Trainer

A standalone applicaton for training ZivaRT character models.

Ziva Real Time Player for Unreal Engine

A plugin for Unreal Engine for playing ZivaRT characters in real time.

Ziva Real Time Player for Maya

A plugin for Maya for playing ZivaRT characters in real time.


To run each of these products, a “.lic” license file is required. Please contact Ziva Dynamics to acquire a license file.

Once acquiring this file, place this file in a fixed folder on disk.

Next set the “zivadyn_LICENSE” environment variable to be the path to this “.lic” license file.

Beta Disclaimer

Some of the features mentioned in the documentation for this beta release are not yet currently supported in our software. In particular, any mention of “extra parameters” or “facial animation” are not fully supported across our suite of products. Support is coming soon.